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Lead generation - 5 min. read

Top 10 components for a successful B2B lead generation campaign

Which factors influence email marketing conversion?

With creativity and the right tools you can organize your content or offer, but with that aside, email marketing is more like a science. You can measure it, analyze it, and improve it. We identify some of the factors that will affect your email marketing conversion rates.

Value offer: Imagine that you have a magnet that you use to attract leads. But in order to work, you need to make it appealing. So the first step is to make deals or freebies that are interesting to your audience.

Creative concept: B2B marketers have a tough mission: to work on that “boring” label. To make that happened, it’s necessary to have some truly unique and refreshing ideas. We should all be thinking outside the box when hatching a new idea, seeking out ways to captivate web users desensitized from exposure to the same old marketing approaches.

Killer content: One of the most important things in your campaign is the message. Killer content should be the launching point for every effort to reach and educate an audience. So, make sure you put the right efforts to make the best content for that offer you want to send.

Efficient and responsive design: Besides an attractive design, of course, your email has to have a responsive design. The things have changed through the years and now, 51% of all emails opened are from mobile devices, show a recent study by Constant Contact and over 75% of subscribers will delete your email if they can’t read it on a mobile device. If you want a successful B2B campaign you need to maintain a consistent user experience no matter the device they’re using by optimizing your campaigns for a mobile-first environment.

Landing page: A clear offer, appealing visuals and a compelling CTA are some key factors when you make your landing page.

Email subject line: Short, crisp, and compelling with clear benefit to the recipient. Always have in mind the person that will open your mail. So, a short, crisp, and compelling with a clear benefit to your recipient is the core of a successful B2B campaign. Your subject line, the sender name, and the quality of the content are the three things that will determine your recipients' reactions to your campaign. The sender name is usually the first thing that recipients notice when they receive an email. For that reason, the name under which you send your emails should be clear and recognizable. Ideally, it should also be personal, rather than a generic company email address. Of course, your sender name can be branded.

Segmentation: To make sure you increase your open and click-through rates are important to split your list into sub lists for more targeted messages.

Analytics: Optimizing on the fly a campaign can dramatically bolster your final results, and those who leave out this component are doing themselves a disservice. Make sure you measure your results and improve every campaign that you made. In the age of metrics for measuring everything, applying insights from campaign data has never been easier. And with the right tools like Bisens Campaign Management is easier than ever to see all the metrics that you need from your present and past campaigns.

Send frequency: The frequency in which you contact your subscribers presents numerous challenges. Should you be contacting your list just once a month, as much as once per week, or every quarter of the year? The answer varies across industries. Again, with a tool that shows you the result of a similar campaign is easy to know the frequency of your emails. Learn more about that from here.

Lead capturing and nurturing: Even with a strong lead generation methodology, not all prospects will be qualified as soon as they enter the pipeline. In the B2B world, with high competition and high stakes, it is often a very gradual process. This is where marketing must function as a nurturing force, helping inform and sway decision-making through continual efforts. After you send the emails and collect the results, make sure the nurturing game is strong because is very important to maintain a good relationship with the new collected leads that you have.


B2B marketing may seem complicated, but it’s easy to get great results if you go by the numbers. Make sure your campaign includes these 10 components, and you’re far more likely to join the ranks of great B2B campaigns.

Don’t be afraid to try new techniques and approaches. Customize your strategy to improve your marketing efforts and reach your goal. Lead generation is core to your business. In most of the time is more efficient as time and money to let a specialized team work the campaigns for you. Either way, make sure you check those steps and improve your B2B campaigns.

What is holding back your lead generation campaign?

As your subscribers grow, so should your sales. Make sure your message is heard. Keep testing and keep trying new techniques to meet your goals.