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BiSens™ offers Email marketing software and Multi-campaigns management with integrated Marketing automation and Database segmentation tools

Multi-channel campaign management  Lead generation and Lead management  DMP and media services  Creative tools and campaign design

 Campaign Management

Multi campaigns Track & Analyze  Real-time results and statistics  Flexible APIs  Optimal deliverability  Smart delivery team


Keep all communication history  Schedule meetings  Track your team’s progress  Manage new deals  Financial metrics

 Data Management

Business Intelligence  Data Warehouse  Data Validation  Data Integration  Data Management

 Creative Tools

Build an email, free and fast  Free Creative library  Email Design Management  Interactive content creation  Engageform, surveys, and polls

logo bisens

Thousands of leads from dozens of industries are waiting to be purchased.

Our unique methodology allows us to detect conversion moments and optimise marketing spend. We identify change management opportunities that accelerate the alignment of the brand owner’s offering to the target market’s readiness to buy, at specific moments along the purchase decision journey.